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At the outset of the NUGC saga we were told that Garden City Principles would make everything wonderful. Few of us believed that the principles could be achieved. It seems we are not alone. The following blog by Jon Reeds… Continue Reading →

The numbers, re-visited

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Michael Young has kindly provided a post-examination summary of the situation regarding Uttlesford’s housing target. Michael spoke at the Local Plan examination arguing that the OAN (objectively assessed need) for the district is too high. This commentary reveals a systemic over-provision… Continue Reading →

Urgent fundraising

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As the local plan winds its way towards the early stages of examination, our sole focus has moved towards the sobering matter of fund-raising, and our latest challenge is to raise money towards the legal bill that now confronts us…. Continue Reading →

Who benefits – in a nutshell

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The reality behind NUGC, a new town at Great Chesterford. Short answers to important questions about North Uttlesford Garden Community and who will benefit by building 5,000 houses in the wrong place for the wrong reasons.  Will young people looking… Continue Reading →

Act 2 of the examination

The curtain has come down on the first stage of the Uttlesford Local Plan examination. Here we provide a summary of the final three-day stint (July 16-18), which focused on the proposed Garden Communities, Stansted Airport and strategic infrastructure. In… Continue Reading →

Local Plan examination

The Uttlesford Local Plan examination is unfolding like a convoluted opera: plot, sub plots, late revelations, and a nail-biting wait for the final act. Here we summarise some of the key events particularly as relating to arguments put forward by… Continue Reading →

More Inspectors’ questions

In advance of public hearings scheduled for July, the Inspectors have sent Uttlesford District Council a long list of Stage 1 Matters, Issues and Questions running to 11 pages. These are in addition to the 19 questions raised when the… Continue Reading →

Nothing short of outrageous

Walden Local newspaper reports the attempt by Uttlesford District Council to rush through final approval of Stansted airport passenger numbers before the local elections. Stansted Airport has a significant bearing on the wellbeing of Uttlesford and is a key factor… Continue Reading →

Shifting the blame

The Govt is at it again, trying to shift the blame for the shortage of houses and why their vision for new towns in the countryside isn’t working. This time it’s Treasury minister, Liz Truss, picking a soft target apparently… Continue Reading →

Show us the evidence!

“Where’s the evidence” seems to be a common thread in communications about the Uttlesford Local Plan and proposed North Uttlesford Garden Community (NUGC). The most recent example is the Planning Inspectors’ initial response to the plan filing, amounting to a… Continue Reading →

The triple threat

What started with a 5,000-house development at Great Chesterford (NUGC) has become a triple threat that if allowed to proceed will totally change the area between Saffron Walden and Sawston. Read on and you’ll see how this post could easily… Continue Reading →

Uttlesford Local Plan status

January 2019: If you’re wondering what’s happening about the draft Local Plan you’re not alone. The whole thing is a mess not helped by the unashamed way UDC is window-dressing the harsh realities and trying to cover the tracks of… Continue Reading →

Our MP’s reply

In Walden Local newspaper (21/11/18) our Member of Parliament, Kemi Badenoch, replied to the open letter published by StopNUtown Action Group. Sadly, she avoided the questions we posed, made a series of unevidenced assertions and repeatedly misrepresented what we said. For… Continue Reading →

Denial? Incompetence?

A report on the Uttlesford draft Local Plan made public this week (wk/comm. 12/11/18) poses searching questions about the Council’s competence and behaviour, stretching from the officers that prepared the plan to councillors who approved it for public consultation. Several… Continue Reading →

Letter to our MP

StopNUtown Action Group has twice written to our MP, Mrs Kemi Badenoch, without receiving a reply. Will it be third time lucky with this letter, published as an open letter in the Walden Local 14th November 2018. Dear Mrs Badenoch:… Continue Reading →

Join our Facebook group

More than 1,000 people have joined the Stop North Uttlesford Town Action Group page at Facebook. It’s the ideal way to pick up news about the local plan and read latest views on planning and housing policy. You can also… Continue Reading →

Fewer houses needed

New government figures have raised yet more questions about the level of housing need in Uttlesford. The council’s forecast could be overstated by as much as 3,000 houses. The following press release was issued 24/09/18 by StopNUtown Action Group Uttlesford… Continue Reading →

Plan stages

If you’re interested to know what will happen in future, these are the remaining milestones for the local plan. Submission Reg 22: After compiling the representations received on the (Regulation 19) Local Plan, the document will be submitted to the… Continue Reading →

Action Group response

Here is the submission made by the StopNUtown Action Group Steering Committee to the pre-submission Uttlesford Local Plan. Rather than try to cover everything we focussed on key issues that strike at the credibility of the decision-making process of the… Continue Reading →

Landscape video

This video – filmed by drone – shows the landscape that will be covered by the proposed new town next to Great Chesterford. It provides a really good appreciation of the expansive and rural countryside that will be swallowed up… Continue Reading →

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