Part of the problem we and many other communities face is the Government’s national housing policy.

The only way we can be heard at Government level is for action groups to act collectively.

StopNUtown has been instrumental in helping to create “A BETTER WAY”. This is not so much a formal organisation but rather a set of principles to avoid the wholesale destruction of landscape and loss of valuable farmland. Action groups signed up to A BETTER WAY are able to field spokespeople experienced and skilled in various aspects of campaigning.

It is increasingly the case that new towns are being imposed on rural communities to tick a box and meet an arbitrary housing target. The choice of location is often driven by landowners hoping to make a massive profit. There is also considerable confusion about the functioning of land value capture. Protecting rural communities deserves to be argued against at the highest level of Government.

A BETTER WAY is being joined by more and more action groups. There is strength in numbers!

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