StopNUtown Action Group is a voluntary organisation, non-political and funded by residents of Uttlesford. Our aim is to promote and protect the interests of communities in North Uttlesford threatened by the creation of a new town which will put 5,000 houses in the wrong place for the wrong reasons.

FOR THE RECORD we are not anti-housing. Most of the committee members live in Great Chesterford where there has recently been significant new housing development, welcomed and accepted by the vast majority of residents. This includes shared ownership and for rent within a significant affordable housing provision. Our argument is not with people who proclaim the need for more housing, that is a given. Nor would it be with Great Chesterford as a location for a new community if it made sense. Instead we are faced with landowners looking for a profit and a district council chasing a housing target.

If you would like to get involved with the action group please email


Stephen Ede (Chair)

Jayne Loughran (Treasurer)

Shirley Clark (Fundraising)

Jon Beard

Neil Paterson

Russell Pope

Bernd Schmidt

Fiona Wilkinson


Tim Piper (Legal consultant)