August 2018

Plan stages

If you’re interested to know what will happen in future, these are the remaining milestones for the local plan. Submission Reg 22: After compiling the representations received on the (Regulation 19) Local Plan, the document will be submitted to the… Continue Reading →

Action Group response

Here is the submission made by the StopNUtown Action Group Steering Committee to the pre-submission Uttlesford Local Plan. Rather than try to cover everything we focussed on key issues that strike at the credibility of the decision-making process of the… Continue Reading →

Landscape video

This video – filmed by drone – shows the landscape that will be covered by the proposed new town next to Great Chesterford. It provides a really good appreciation of the expansive and rural countryside that will be swallowed up… Continue Reading →

Red alert!

The elevation of the proposed North Uttlesford Garden Community will put it in the top 2% of most visible land in Uttlesford, making it visible from 57% of all surrounding land in a 5 mile radius. By comparison Saffron Walden’s… Continue Reading →

Plight, or fight for nature?

By a resident of the parish: Living among the beauty of these surrounding fields of Great Chesterford, here all that lay deep within its heart is ‘nature’. As witness to the incredible night time habits of many creatures who frequent… Continue Reading →

Traffic: safety first!

By Isabelle Lewis, age 15: Any envisaged proposal for the NUGC, including the vital importance for a safe and sustainable transport scheme that actually works, should provide evidence to address key safety issues concerning the village of Great Chesterford and… Continue Reading →

Landscape and archeolology

The area around Great Chesterford is historically and archeologically important. Artefacts have been found dating back to pre-historic, Iron Age, Roman and Anglo Saxon times. The natural rolling landscape has been sculpted by nature and settlers across the centuries built villages… Continue Reading →

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