By a resident of the parish:

Living among the beauty of these surrounding fields of Great Chesterford, here all that lay deep within its heart is ‘nature’.

As witness to the incredible night time habits of many creatures who frequent this rich and open land. In the late hours the inquisitive hares muster to munch; the early hours see their beauty along with their mesmerising calmness in the rise of the sunlit morning mists. Each with their place and strong sense of belonging to the fields. To even contemplate their disappearance when the diggers arrive to destroy their habitats, consume their food source and obliterate the circle of life is sacrilege.

Overhead the buzzards occupy the skies, they police the hedges and treetops, keeping an important order on their food chain. Throughout the hedgerows the grass lay flattened by the deer after they’ve conceded a nights rest. Their beauty in numbers is astonishing as they dance through the fields for-filling their part in the importance of biodiversity. The gallant alert, stillness of these beautiful creatures allows us precious insight into their habits and caring nature that they process for one another.

Within my garden I sit with great anticipation for the antics of the stoats, as they tumble through playfully looking for a catch. Indeed this is farmland that is rich in mice, rats and rabbits for their pleasure. The birds that live in the many hedgerows in their flocks of families all contributing to this wonderland of diversity. As dusk falls the badgers loll purposely up and down the lane looking for their dinner, another fantastic creature of the night around these fields. Owls seek the night – it is common to follow the barn owl gliding before you when in the car. Gracefully silent, beauty that should be beyond the realms of destruction and over population.

The impact on this area will be irreplaceable, unbearable and unnecessary. The skylarks will be silenced; replaced with the screech of buses and cars – nowhere will be safe for the haven of wildlife that resides so eloquently to sustain our surrounding lands. There will be an inability to create a natural ecological future that this area desperately needs to survive.