If you’re interested to know what will happen in future, these are the remaining milestones for the local plan.

Submission Reg 22:

After compiling the representations received on the (Regulation 19) Local Plan, the document will be submitted to the Secretary of State for examination along with other key supporting documents.

The council has indicated that it intends to approve the plan by the end of 2018 for submission immediately in the new year.

Examination Reg 24:

An examination is held by an independent Inspector. The Inspector will assess the soundness of the Local plan. Those people who submitted representations at the (Reg 19) stage are entitled to be heard at the examination.

The commencement of examination hearings will presumably depend on how busy the inspectors are with other local plans. There will be a lot arriving at the same on their desks because of the govt imposed deadline of 24th January. Early summer is probably a fair guess.

Adoption Reg 26:

If the inspector finds the Local Plan sound, the Council will proceed to adopt the Local Plan. This may include modifications recommended by the Inspector.

The big question here is “IF”. As illustrated by the Inspector’s response to the North Essex Garden Communities plan nothing can be taken for granted and Uttlesford District Council could be sent back to the drawing board or at the very least required to provide substantive evidence of viability of its proposed new settlements.