As the local plan winds its way towards the early stages of examination, our sole focus has moved towards the sobering matter of fund-raising, and our latest challenge is to raise money towards the legal bill that now confronts us.

Great Chesterford Parish Council has worked tirelessly to fight this plan, and have engaged a team of lawyers to make representations at the hearings in July. It doesn’t come cheap, with a budget of £78k for professional fees being set out. This is a huge sum of money, yet it is a figure that would have been much larger if it not were for the efforts of our very own legal experts within the Parish Council who have given their time and energy for free.

We are asking that local residents donate as much as they can to help us. It is vital that we support Great Chesterford Parish Council by acting now and making a donation.

Make a donation today! Help secure the best result for north Uttlesford. StopNUTown has already raised £11,000 towards this total.

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Uttlesford District Council has produced a Local Plan that features a 5,000 house development adjacent to Great Chesterford.If it goes ahead, there will be 30 years of construction, destruction of historic and natural environment, and massively increased traffic and pressure on services such as schools and hospitals.

This development has been proposed through political imperative rather than local need.

It will affect every village and town in a 10-mile radius.

Development is needed but not on this scale in this location.

Our communities have responded in their hundreds to the Local Plan consultation, and have now elected two local independent councillors who have pledged to fight for a better deal.


Elsenham and Henham successfully campaigned against and stopped a similar sized development across their two villages. We now need to make our case to the Planning Inspectors.

We’ve benefited from many hours of help given for free by individuals from the local community. Now we need to engage professional consultants, as well as a legal firm and a barrister. All of this is expensive. Great Chesterford Parish Council and StopNUTown have already contributed £35,000 towards legal fees in previous phases of the planning process.

Our best estimate for the cost of engaging relevant services from this point onward is £78,000. Great Chesterford Parish Council has allocated £23,500 towards this. We need to find £54,500.

We need to raise funds before we reach a critical point in the process in September.

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