GET READY TO WRITE! This summer (June 2018) the Uttlesford Local Plan moves into a second stage of public consultation called Regulation 19. Every member of the public is entitled to submit their views. You can do this by writing to Uttlesford District Council or by going online to the council website. To be honest, you will save yourself a lot of time by writing a letter. The web site is complicated and confusing. We have prepared a guide here to help you make a Reg.19 response.

Two important considerations for making a Reg. 19 submission: there is a deadline – your response must be received by ……; and if you want to make personal representation when the local plan comes before the planning inspector you must have responded at the Reg19 stage otherwise you are not eligible to speak at the hearings.

ASK YOUR DISTRICT COUNCILLOR if he or she supports a new town at Great Chesterford. Here is a list of all councillors and their contact details. In May 2019 all councillors will be up for re-election.